How it Works

Create, Share and Win!


Create Your Own Arepa

It’s time to brainstorm! To start, choose some of your favorite ingredients: all the Spreads you want, your 2 favorites proteins, your favorite cheese, all the veggies you want. Next, create a catchy name for your Arepa, tell us your favorite Amaize location and register your data. This is all it takes to participate!

Share with your Friends

Word of mouth is everything! After creating your favorite Arepa, share it with your friends on social media via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and invite them to vote for you. If they have an idea for an Arepa, why not ask them to participate in the contest as well? The more the merrier! The winner will be the Arepa that receives the most votes!

Taste your Creation for Free

It is taste test time and we are opening our kitchen to you!
After you create your Arepa by bringing your idea to paper, you may visit our locations in Doral or Davie and test your recipe free of charge! Once you have your idea in place, you may visit our Doral or Davie locations 2-3 days after submitted, between the hours of 4-7 pm. Remember, the testing of your Arepa at our locations during this hours is at no charge to you. Free testing is one arepa per day, no matter how many arepas the participant has created.

Win Free Arepas for a Year

The top 20 participants with the most votes will be chosen (10 from Doral store and 10 from Davie store). Out of those 20 winners, the final winner will be chosen by a final draw to be held at the Amaize Stores on September 9, 2017. We'll choose a second place one per Doral and one per Davie.

Are You Ready?

Create Your Own